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We will develop scientific and technological research in remote sensing data mining, and promote the application of artificial intelligence in areas such as precision agriculture, smart cities, and disaster prevention and reduction.
Main contents: Research on the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and in-depth learning in the fields of automated processing of massive remote sensing data mining, intelligent interpretation, target identification, and space-time information mining, and develop intelligent algorithms for handling massive remote sensing data. Improve the accuracy and reliability of multi-source remote sensing data Fusion, classification recognition and information extraction; Develop a remote sensing information model and artificial intelligence decision support system that integrates in-depth learning, cognitive models, expert knowledge, and impact processing systems.



5.1 Expression of objects in high-resolution remote sensing images based on the package model


Based on BOW feature classification results

5.2 High Resolution Optical Satellite Image Change Detection Based on Scale Set Constraints


Variation detection results based on scale set constraints

5.3 Small Target Recognition of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Depth Characterization and Rotation of the Xinghuofu Forest


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