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Based on high resolution satellite remote sensing technology, precision agricultural management and data decision-making support are carried out.
The main contents include: investigation of agricultural resources and agricultural environmental parameters, protection and determination of arable land, precision identification of crops and analysis of planting area, crop growth and soil moisture monitoring, Remote sensing monitoring of agricultural meteorological disasters and their impact on crops; Spectroscopic characteristics and quantitative inversion models of pests and diseases of major crops, agricultural biomass and crop yield estimation, disaster remote sensing loss determination and agricultural insurance, rapid acquisition of agricultural information integrated by sky and land, intelligent agricultural information management information system and platform.

1.1 Vegetation type identification:

Using multi-phase remote sensing satellite data, combined with ground sample data, different types of vegetation can be identified with high accuracy.


1.2 Crop production estimates


1.3 Monitoring of crop pests and diseases



Crop yield estimation based on high resolution remote sensing images(winter wheat as an example)

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