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We will focus on remote sensing monitoring of environmental pollution in inland lakes and coastal waters, research on remote sensing of environmental pollution in the atmosphere, and air quality assessment and business promotion.
The atmosphere mainly includes: remote sensing monitoring and early warning of particulate pollutants such as aerosols and PM2 .5, refined detection and detection of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and methane, rapid remote sensing of straw combustion and forest fire biomass combustion satellites, and dust storm monitoring and early warning services. Air quality evaluation methods and techniques, regional environmental air quality remote sensing monitoring and evaluation system construction.
The main contents of the water environment are: remote sensing identification of chlorophyll concentration, water suspension, water turbidity, water eutrophication, etc., and coastal changes such as shoreline changes, mangroves, and beach changes. Monitoring and early warning of sudden ecological disasters such as inland lake mulch, red tide and blue algae. Rapid identification of water oil spills and remote sensing of sewage outlets, monitoring of wetlands and tidal flats and ecological environment, monitoring and analysis of inland lake area changes, survey of marine and coastal resources, water environment assessment and management information system construction.


3.1.1 PM2 .5 Monitoring



PM2 .5 Monitoring

3.1.2 Monitoring of aerosols


Spatial distribution of aerosol optical thickness in Yangtze river delta region

3.2.1 Monitoring of chlorophyll concentration


Spatial map of mean(a) and standard deviation(b) of chlorophyll concentrations in Bohai Sea, 2000-2012, based on data from MODIS and SeaWiFS satellite sensors(the equivalent of which is the bathymetric equivalent).


3.2.2 Monitoring of suspended particulate matter concentrations in water bodies


Spatial distribution of mean(a) and standard deviation(b) concentrations of suspended particles in the Yellow Estuary, based on multi-year Landsat 8 satellite sensor data(2013-2016).


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