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2019 - 01 - 07
A team of space scientists has captured new images of volcanic plumes as Io flies over Jupiter for the 17th time. Io is the most volcanic object in the solar system. Juno observed Io for more than an hour, 18-chamber news, providing a glimpse of the polar region and active eruption evidence. ` We know we're opening up new ground through multispectral observations of the Io polar region, but no one expected us to be so lucky, 'says Siketeboerdun, lead researcher at the Juno mission and deputy director of space science and engineering at the Southwest Institute. Active volcanic plume can...
2019 - 01 - 07
The solar system is home to the earth. In our eyes, the solar system is very large. The current technology of mankind can not get out of the solar system, but the solar system is just like dust in front of the Milky Way. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies such as the solar system. Although the solar system is only a small Galaxy, it has become extraordinary because of the existence of the earth.Earth is a living planet, the ruler of this planet. The earth is able to give birth to life and human beings, can not leave the boiling water. If there is no liquid water, there will be no birth...
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