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Jilin No. 1 "Xitian Xinding Satellite R&D is once again leading the world

date: 2019-01-07
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According to Xinhuanet Jilin Channel, the 'Jilin No. 1' spectrum 01 and 02 stars independently developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. were developed and officially shipped on January 3. It is scheduled to be launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center later this month.
When it comes to the famous development of the Jilin 1 satellite, we can not but look back on its innovative development. On October 7, 2015, Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. developed and operated the 'Jilin No. 1' group of stars and successfully launched it, which created a precedent for China's commercial satellite applications. At the same time, it also created a history of successful launch of four stars by a research and development team. Relying on the key technologies such as 'starboard integration' and 'airborne integration', the company has established a complete industrial chain from satellite and drone research and development and production to providing remote sensing information services. On January 9, 2017, the 'Jilin No. 1 Video 3 Star(Forestry No. 1 Satellite)' independently developed by the company was successfully launched at the China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Since then, the 'Jilin No. 1' constellation has added a new member. The remote sensing data obtained will comprehensively improve the information level of forestry remote sensing in Jilin Province and even the whole country.
We have noted the report that the 'Jilin No. 1' spectrum 01 and 02 stars are also known as 'Jilin Lincao No. 1' and 'Wenchang Super Count No. 1'. The two satellites are new multi-spectral satellites independently developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.. The satellites have inherited the mature stand-alone and technical basis of the 'Jilin 1' satellite and are equipped with multi-spectral imagers, short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave infrared cameras. The 'Water Transport No. 1' system has an equal load and has an onboard intelligent processing system that can obtain remote sensing data of 5m resolution, 110km width, and 26 spectral segments. After the satellite is put into orbit, it will provide remote sensing data and product services to users in forestry, grassland, shipping, ocean, resources, environment and other industries with the 10 previously launched 'Jilin No. 1' satellite network.
The reporter's report shows the 'great achievements' of the 'Jilin No. 1' along the way: Up to now, the 'Jilin No. 1' satellite has performed more than 20,000 shooting missions, with high time/air/spectral resolution, diverse data, and rich patterns. Can obtain ground and space static and dynamic target information by sweeping, gazing, strip splicing, large tilt side pendulum, stereo, low light and inertial space imaging. It has provided various types of remote sensing information services for more than 10 countries, more than 20 industries, and more than 100 units, creating good social and economic benefits.
We are pleased to see that 'Jilin No. 1' enjoys the addition of more high-tech functions to the original technology, which is another major achievement in the scientific research of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.. This paper shows the main remote sensing satellite configuration such as high precision dual-star sensitivity combined posture in our province and enters a new field of satellite technology for obtaining high quality remote sensing data. It marks that our province has filled the gap in space satellite scientific research and innovation again, which marks that our province has entered a new era of 'empty world' integration in commercial satellite research and development. It shows that Jilin Science and Technology and 'Jilin Manufacturing' innovation drive achievements have always been at the forefront of the world.
The star river is brilliant and the space is long. In the new era of the new journey, the dream is hidden deep in the soul of Jilin dreamers the strongest desire. Deep and extensive aerospace spirit and rapid development of Jilin high-tech undertakings, Jilin dreamers will certainly inspire the enthusiasm for exploration and innovation, encourage Jilin people to work hard, in a strong boost to the Chinese dream, Jilin in a new round of comprehensive revitalization of the development process to achieve more brilliant achievements.
Space dream helps Chinese dream. Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously launched innovative scientific research results, which has once again confirmed the rapid development of space satellite technology in Jilin Province, improved the research and development and application capabilities of satellite remote sensing industry, achieved innovation and breakthrough, and promoted the innovative development of information technology, Microelectronics, new materials and new technologies. At the same time, it also shows that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and under the strong leadership of the provincial and provincial governments, the researchers in our province have never forgotten their initial intentions, kept their mission in mind, made great efforts, worked hard to overcome difficulties in the high-tech field, and strived to find a new way to comprehensively rejuvenate the development of Jilin. We will work tirelessly towards the goal of winning a decisive victory and building a happy and beautiful Jilin, and contribute to the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the realization of the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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According to Xinhuanet Jilin Channel, the 'Jilin No. 1' spectrum 01 and 02 stars independently developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. were developed and officially shipped on J...
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