Recruitment Talent concept

A man of ambition.
As a new type of R&D organization that continues to develop, Nanjingxindaweixingyingyong hopes to be able to take advantage of this trend and continue to attract people with ideals and ambitions to join us to jointly advise on the development of the satellite industry.

Shangzhong Enterprise
Nanjingxindaweixingyingyong advocates the quality of employee loyalty to the company in the subjective consciousness, advocates employee love and dedication, and creates value. Human resources are the most dynamic and flexible resources in all resources. The creativity, execution, and responsibility of employees in their work depend on the loyalty of employees to their work and to the research institute.

Yuxing Enterprise
The research institute strives to expand the wider growth space and build a platform for employees to truly cultivate talents that can enable enterprises to develop and grow. With the development of the times, enterprises have more urgent needs for capable talents. However, this does not mean that these talents can create value, help the enterprise, help the enterprise, help each other together, form synergy, and the Institute hopes that the talents of our hospital will take root. And thrive in our soil.

Helping the Heart of Strong Enterprise
Never forget the heart, always have to. The initial goal of the company was to become a leader in the satellite industry. Gu Youyun: 'The Lord of the Ming Dynasty, such as the wood of the craftsman,' the research institute has been practicing 'the Lord of the Ming Dynasty', employing the strengths of the people and avoiding the shortness of people. There is a strong ambition, the company hopes, the research institute hopes to respect the employees 'personality on the basis of its ability to provide opportunities for employees to develop, and to dream of employees who are interested in developing in parallel with the company.


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