Qiu Zhong

Qiu Zhong

Doctor, professor, vice president of the school of marine science, Nanjing information engineering University, vice president of the star application research institute. Mainly engaged in marine remote sensing research. He has successively presided over 2 national natural science funds, 1 national 863 project, 1 special project for the public welfare industry, 1 global change project, and 1 item each for the Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Fund and Jiangsu Provincial Marine Innovation Plan. Participate in national key research and development plans, 973 projects and other national, provincial and ministerial-level topics. As the main participant, he won the first prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award, the second prize of the Shandong Provincial Natural Science Award, and the second prize of the State Oceanic Bureau's Innovation Achievement Award.


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